Spring Forward



People I’m not sure if you’ve realized but spring has officially sprung. Well okay maybe unofficially. I know this mild winter and crazy early high temperatures should have me scared about climate change, and it does, but it has also just made me really happy. Last weekend I went for my first outdor run of 2016. Danielle is a big advocate of running in the cold weather but I just could never get into it. I hate being cold. So once that temperature hit 60 I put on my sneakers and hit the West Side path.

Now I haven’t always been a runner. Actually I only started doing in the past three years or so. Before that my ex boyfirend would try all the time to get me to go running with him to no avail. What I learned, the hard way mind you, was that I needed to do it on my terms. I would always try and search how to start running, different tips and the top five things real runners do. It would leave me frustrated and got me nowhere. It was only when I decided that I had do it on my own terms that I finally became addicted to it.  Once I get into my groove I miss it when I don’t go for a run, so crazy.

The early days I was very goal oriented.  I would set distance and time goals.  My first obstacle was to get over the guilt of a bad run. Some days you can run forever and never get tired. Some days one mile seems impossible. I decided that if I had a bad day running it was still a day that I got up an ran and that was more than good enough.   Once I accepted that I found that my excuses to not go for a run were disappearing and I became so much more consistent.

A couple seasons ago I downloaded the Nike Running app following Danielle’s recommendation. I love this app. Download it now.  It tells you when you reach a mile, your speed and time. It keeps track of all of your past runs and its really motivating to see your progress spelled out like that. The other benefit is that you can have “friends” and see how they are doing for the month. I never considered myself a competitve person but when I see that Danielle is four miles ahead of me for the month it pushes me to do another mile. I’ve became a little obsessed with beating her and some months I actually do, hehe.

One of the best things that has ever happened to my running wardrobe was finding workout pants with pockets. I don’t know if everyone knows about this and never told me or if I have just discovered the best thing ever but I love them.  I hate that bulky arm band that holds the phone and I still have to use it sometimes but the pocket is just so convenient and easy.  I only have two pairs so far, one from Forever 21 and one from Lululemon, but I am not going to buy any new workout pants without pockets.  Its all about the small goals.

race IMG_0357

My other little tip is the Black Eyed Peas.  I make sure to put them on right around my last mile and Fergie always gets me through it.  I also love to schedule a 5k to get me into it, competition baby.  I use NYC Runs and they usually run about $35.  Whenever Danielle and I run one we always reward ourselves with a carb-tastic brunch.

Anyway thats how I get into my running schedule.  I hope that helps! And if anyone has any good suggestions for new songs let me know 🙂