Sprint to the finish

Well, it’s October and, as always this time of year, I’m wondering where the heck the year went!  I’m excited for the apple picking, turkey eating and latke making that is about to descend on us, but I’m looking back at those ambitious reading and bucket lists that I created at the end of 2015 and realizing that I have some work to do before the end of the year.

I knocked off about a third of my list, actively defied a few, and have 13 left.  Mission not yet accomplished, but in the midst of a year that had me on the road at least every other week and still managed to spend some serious time with friends and family, I’m feeling pretty good about 2016 so far.

I’m feeling ambitious.  Let’s see how I do…

What’s left…


  1. MOMA PS1
  2. Mission Chinese
  3. Rockclimbing
  4. Bike all five boroughs
  5. Take a Soulcycle class
  6. Run a 10K
  7. Take an Indian cooking class
  8. Make homemade Gnocci
  9. Make Tamales
  10. Make Tagine
  11. Make Beignets
  12. Learn to sew
  13. Learn to crochet



  1. Met Opera
  2. 9/11 Memorial
  3. Momufuku
  4. Write twice a week
  5. Stay in crow pose for more than 2 seconds
  6. Walk across the Manhattan bridge (with earplugs)
  7. Build a Gingerbread house [Well, not a house, a man.  A Brooklyn man complete with man-bun to be exact].
  8. Read 24 fiction books [On the way with 11 so far…]

And not…


  1. Grow tomatoes (take that Brooklyn!) [Brooklyn took me.  I barely kept my basil alive this year with all my travel over the summer. Next year maybe on OUR NEW DECK]
  2. Buy a lifetime supply of cloth napkins and ban paper towels [I definitely just screamed across the house this morning that we need to subscribe to paper products on Amazon because…life.]

  3. US Open [If anyone wants to pay $700 to take me next year, I’m in]

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