The Five Things I’ve Learned This Week



This week I have been battling a pretty nasty cough/cold. It has made my productivity pretty low this week but has enlightened me on the few points below.

PEOPLE HATE SICK PEOPLE    I feel like I have always known this, me myself being a person who gives the side eye to the person coughing on the subway. But since I haven’t been a sick person for about four years I found that I didn’t know how to act. I tried to just suck it up and go on with my daily routine which did not turn out well.  In the future I will call out sick, stay home, watch tv and go to bed at 9:30. No exceptions. I will not care if that big project is due on Tuesday or if my friends birthday party is two blocks away and just pop in for an hour. No. Noone wants you at work/subway/bar anywhere. Stay home and go to sleep. End rant.

S’WELL BOTTLES ARE THE BEST    I know that I’ve sung the praises of this bottle before, but it saved me by keeping my hot water hot for hours! Seriously when I refused to stay home this water bottle keep my tea almost too hot.

ZAC EFRON saved my life this Monday.  When I couldn’t call out sick from work but needed a mental break every now and then, I could just stop and count Zac Efron’s abs.  Click the link and you will too understand.

FOLLOW TRAVEL BLOGGERS ON SNAPCHAT    These people have better lives than we do, we might as well take advantage of them documenting it.  It was actually a lot of fun to watch their stories when I was a zombie on the couch.

JUST A KIND REMINDER    Popup Dinner Brooklyn 2016 tickets are coming out tomorrow people.  They usually sell out and its a really fun time.  This will be my second year and all you have to bring is your dinner and your wine and wear white 🙂



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