A Tale of Social Sports- Finding Your Inner Flamingo


Last week someone asked me what my spirit animal. Is it weird that it wasn’t the first time someone has asked me that? Well I love that question because it is unequivocally a flamingo. When I think about why that it is, it doesn’t even really have to do with the animal its self but the team it represents. I’ve been part of a social volleyball team for the past five years, the Drink Flamingos.


Let me start by saying that I’m pretty terrible at volleyball.  I was never into sports, I was in dance.  Why people feel the need to throw balls at each other’s heads I will never know.  But when one of my best girlfriends wanted to join New York Social Sports Club volleyball team, I thought why not?  I was getting over a breakup, half the pictures were about the bar scene after the game, and I’m definitely tall enough.   We ended up being placed with some mutual friends and a whole group from Kansas.  Who knew there were so many Kansans in NY but believe me they are EVERYWHERE!  So strange.  This first volleyball group has lead to countless seasons, parties, float trips, concerts, and one weird experimental art show that we still don’t really get.



What I love about NYC Social is the community.  If you are new to a city or just looking for new friends, it is the perfect place to find that.  I’ve played volleyball, bowling, scavenger hunts and kickball.  Between the refs and the other teams there are so many people to connect with, and everyone is there for the same reason, to have fun and meet people.  My other favorite part is definitely the bar afterwards.  After all bar champs is on the line.  Honestly, being 25 at the bar is a little different from 30.  I used to somehow manage to talk to everyone at the bar and stay out until 2AM on a Wednesday playing flip cup (at

559001_10151042179706169_1281649934_n which we are champions).  Thursday mornings were not always a lot of fun.  Now its more catching up with my friends over a beer and ordering dinner.  That’s how you know you’re getting old, you order dinner at the bar!







Anyway a new season starting in a couple weeks.  Beach volleyball in April can get cold, but there is nothing like these sunsets.  And if anything can possibly be a recommendation, I think five years of experience is.



ps- did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?

pps- special thanks to other flamingos because i totally stole their photos, especially a Mr. Morgan who created that lovely collage a few years back


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