Nothing a little gold leaf can’t fix

After reading Danielle’s latest post about recommitting I have been feeling a little lazy. I mean it didn’t help that it was Monday night, just after eating good Chinese food and watching three hours of bad tv. Maybe I’ll blame it on full moon but at 10pm I became completely restless and decided that I needed to do something right then. To avoid the inevitable online shopping binge, I went over to my craft box and started to search. I needed something quick and easy and with no preparation at all involved.  Enter the gold leaf sheets


frame2These beautiful gold leaf sheets have been with me for years because I never deem a craft good enough for them.  Well thats just stupid.  I take out the sheets, tape, my left over green/teal paint from my Guess Who? board and a wood frame that I’ve been wanting to spruce up.   All I needed were those four things.  So I went to work.  I taped up the frame in the design that I wanted so my paint lines would be straight.  I used a foam brush to paint the frame and while the paint was wet, I put the little pieces of gold leaf on there.  Now gold leaf is a little hard to work with.  It kept ripping in my fingers and every time I would breath little pieces were flying everywhere.  Then I would laugh and create more of a mess.  But a little patience and holding my breath, twenty minutes later I was done!  And I hardly used any of my gold leaf.  Perfect.


This morning I woke up to a beautiful frame.  I am deciding whether to leave the bottom half the natural wood or maybe play around with it, but I have time to figure that out.  An added bonus was remembering that I have chalk board paint!! Thats definitely going into the next craft.




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