Girls Night! at DUSK


I first heard of Daybreaker about two years ago. Its a huge dance party at 7AM. They usually have a yoga session first, you dance for two hours and then go to work.  They seem to have gotten really popular in the last year and now hold them in cities all across the country.   I immediately fell in love with the idea. What better way to start your day? Replace a work out session by dancing all morning. The only problem is that none of my friends will ever go with me. I don’t really blame them, 7AM is a hard sell.  Daybreaker usually throws an event monthly and every month I get turned down by my friends. Humph. Then I got an email about a new event that they are trying out, Dusk.  6:30-10:30, perfect.  1920 prohibition theme, amazing.  The location, secret.  And the one thing I’m sure of is that my friends are suckers for a theme party.

If there was one word to describe this evening it would have to be unexpected.  The secret location turned out to be a big beautiful synagogue on 65th and 5th.  We enter, me with my bright pink feather boa slight buzzed from pregaming, to a huge packed silent room in the middle of a mediation session.  A woman was on stage with a gong chanting.  It was beyond weird and I was completely confused.  Right before I was convinced that we all just got punked they brought out a brass band and got us all up and singing.  Belting out Valerie in a synagogue on the UES has to be one of the odder moments of my life.  Then following the band they moved us procession style downstairs to a huge dance party.  Everyone just went nuts.  It was so much fun.  The other twist in this evening was no alcohol.  And it was National Drink Wine day!  Instead of pinot they had pretzels and water and salad.  I did see a flask or two and I would have paid good money for a glass of wine but I like the idea of taking the alcohol and drugs out of the scene.  IMG_0253



We danced until about 10 and we were home by 11.  Which helped for waking up for work the next day.  For the $35 ticket it was worth every  penny and since we didn’t pay for drinks it was one of my cheaper nights out.  I don’t know how they are going to top the prohibition theme but I can’t wait to see them try.  Until next time!


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