Prose and Hos(e)- Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

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We have a policy at P&H when picking a book; screw the book snobs and the Target moms alike. From Pulitzer Prize winners to Fifty Shades, we try to cover it all (even though I usually whine very loudly about the non fiction choices). This was our view when we selected Jodi’s latest choice Me Before You by Jojo Morales.

Our last meeting was last Tuesday. Katie was adorable and made it a special Galentine’s Day edition with candy hearts.  There was even a “Lets Read” one :).  With the Cabernet opened and the Chinese food ordered we dove into the book.

I will try hard not to give any spoilers.  Me Before You follows Louisa Clark.  Lou is a recently unemployed, still living at home, stuck in a boring relationship young twenty something year old woman.  Desperate for a job, she is placed as a secondary caretaker for a paraplegic man Will.  Will is a handsome and wealthy man and used to be wildly adventurous but was in an accident and now he can’t move most of his body and has very limited movement in his arms.  Will is understandably bitter and is a big ol’ jerk to Lou at first but her quirkiness brings out his humor and they start to build a friendship.  Lou soon finds out that this job is a temporary one because Will plans on killing himself in six months time.  Once she knows this fact she decides that she needs to do everything in her power to change his mind.

In essence this is a story about two people stuck and the journey they take to un-stick themselves.  Louisa is painfully indecisive and in the beginning I just couldn’t connect with her.  However that turned around quickly and she turns out to be quite lovable.  Obviously by the end I loved both Lou and Will.  The secondary characters were also very strong in the book.  Even the characters that you aren’t supposed to love.  Like Patrick, the boring boyfriend, wasn’t mean or someone that Louisa needed saving from.  Will’s mother was cold but as Danielle pointed out, it was obvious that she was just trying to keep her old life together.

All in all I will say that I loved the book.  I also cried a lot.  And even though I cry quite easily and often, this seems to be a universal reaction to the book.  Its an easy read and it goes at a slow steady pace but I did not want to put it down.  The thing I loved about this book besides the unconventional love story is the unconventional perspective.  It makes you question what you would do.  I’ve always had fleeting thoughts about how I would react if something happened similar to Will’s situation.  But what would I really do?   In these circumstances what is considered selfish or selfless?  This book just jumped to the top of the recommendation list because it can hit all the demographics.

Next books for P&H is Danielle’s nominee This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper.  Read along for next month’s meeting!


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