Girls Night! Brooklyn Navy Yard Edition


Kellie provided the ticket hookup, Rooftop Reds provided the wine and the Brooklyn Navy yard provided the location for one of the most fun Saturdays I’ve had in a while.

The event was an Ice Wine Festival. Thrown by the brand new Rooftop Reds, they are vineyard that has recently taken up residency on the Navy yard’s rooftop.  I’d never heard of them but I’ve been dying to go to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for years so I jumped on this event as soon as Kellie invited us.  I mean a rooftop with wine is the only way I ever want to spend a Saturday, ever.

So to get there was a bit of a hassle but not a deal breaker.  It was a 10-15 minute walk from the subway and once we got inside the navy yard it took us a minute to figure out what building it was.  However once we got there it was amazing.  This place is soo Brooklyn.  The old school freight elevator, exposed brick, amazing views, its the perfect setting for a BK rr3rooftop vineyard.

I don’t fully understand how they can grow the grapes up here but it was because I was distracted by all the delicious wine.  Danielle is the one who really knows wine and I usually just drink what I like (whats available) but the wine was very good.  Even the Chardonnay which I usually do not like was very smooth and light.  My favorite was rr2Rooftop Reds Cabernet Franc (I now own a bottle) and Finger Lake‘s Riesling.  The wines paired with the finger foods and music and the raffle, it was just a great party.  One of the founders told us that they have a bunch of events that they will be hosting in the upcoming months.  Join the mailing list because this will be a venue that you need to go to.




Now that I’ve done the rooftop vineyard at Brooklyn Navy Yard I’m determined to visit the Kings County Distillery which makes Bourbon and visit the museum somewhere in there as well.  And of course I’m bringing the girls 🙂






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