Sunday Detox: Handwritten Notes


I’ve lived in NY, Boston and New Haven over the past ten years, and have been lucky enough to build up a cadre of awesome lady friends along the ride up and down the east coast.  They’re all badass, brilliant, and caring.  But as life and work consume more and more of our time – and takes us to separate cities – it’s hard to find quality time with those ladies, and our long, restorative chats over lattes, yoga sessions or nights out with one-too-many cocktails (in that order…).

While it’s easy to stay connected these days with a smart phone attached to each of our hips, there’s nothing that really replaces being in the same place and a part of each other’s daily lives.

So, a few years ago, I started writing handwritten notes and greeting cards to my girl team to let them know that I’m thinking about them – that I miss them – through more than the periodic thumbs up of a Facebook like.

They’re not long notes.  It’s hard to find time for that.  It’s hard to spend hours on the phone catching up and recounting everything significant that has happened since we last connected.

But they’re funny little cards that remind me of them.  They’re Valentine’s Day cards celebrating my girl-love.  They’re one liners that remind me of our funny moments together.  They do the same – sending back fun little surprises every time I’m sorting through the catalogs, bills and junk mail that come through snail mail.

When we ARE together – even if it’s just once a year – we pick up right where we left off, thanks to keeping the lady-love alive the old fashioned way.


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