Heels and the City


There are days when I have deep insights to contribute to humanity.  This is not one of those days.  Today, I’m mostly focused on the dissonance in my love for NYC and my love for heels.

Unless I’m at home on the couch, I’m usually wearing heels.  For some reason, I just feel more human in heels — more prepared for the world.  It may be some weird result of me starting my professional career in the presence-focused world of financial services, but regardless of where it came from, it’s here to stay.  My particular jam is brightly colored patent leather heels.  Can’t get enough.

Over the years, I’ve developed a pretty strong ability to navigate NYC’s terrain — cracked sidewalks, potholes, angry pedestrians and chaotic cabbies.  The one thing I haven’t mastered completely is snow, slush and ice.  And I haven’t tried all that hard to go about my usual heel-laden business when NYC gets hit with a snowstorm like last weekend’s Jonas, because it’s just kind of asking to fall on your arse.  But I’ve had to developed a few methods to keep my little friends with me and appearing my version of presentable once I arrive wherever I’m going, snow or shine.

Bookstore pit stops:  If I’m dragging my heels around with me in a tote bad, I try to find a bookstore or coffee shop on the block that I can duck into and change.  The NYC sidewalks are usually pretty clear, so walking down a few doors with heels is pretty safe and bookstores typically have pretty nice restrooms for their customers – and aren’t as grimy as Starbucks.  Bonus:  I’ve picked up the last two books on my reading list using this method.  There’s more than one benefit to sneaking into the rare books section at the Strand to make a costume change.

Chunky heels and platforms:  I’m a stiletto gal, but chunky heels are making a comeback (hello 1996 Doc Martens!) and on less blizzardy days, you can get away with wearing thicker rubber soled heels in the snow.  You need to really want it and be slightly crazy to make it worth it – two categories I fall squarely into.

chunky heels

Heel lockers:  As a last resort, I’ve started sprinkling my shoes throughout safe storage places in the city — my office, my friend’s apartments and the various locations of collective working spaces.   Neutral colored of course to fit every eventuality.

Ahem.  Well, it has taken writing this down for me to realize just how ludicrous this obsession has become, but I’m embracing it.  Bright, pretty heels make me a little bit happier every day.  And that makes all the effort involved in making sure we’re united worth it.







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