my screenless saturday



On Friday morning I picked up my phone and somehow it landed in the toilet. For someone with the worst aim it seemed pretty intentional.  I’ll blame the lack of caffeine.  After six hours and a Ziploc bag of ruined rice, I abandoned hope and ordered a new phone. Thank god for insurance. The claim was going to take a couple of hours to process and it was Friday afternoon so I was looking at Monday for a replacement. Wait. MONDAY?! No seriously how can I function until Monday without a phone.  No texts for the whole weekend? I was screwed. Once I had my freak out (sorry #tnaacc) and processed I decided to make a challenge out of it.

I had heard of this screenless sunday idea making the rounds on the internet. Usually a family activity, the whole concept is to turn off the cellphone, computer and tv and just exist a whole day without being glued to the screen. It appealed to me but in a very abstract, maybe someday, never gonna happen sort of a way.  What the hell do you do with all of that time? Now that my phone was taken out of the equation, I was determined to try it out.

the morning
So the day started out as most of my Sat or Sun mornings do. I woke up, read,  and started on breakfast.  I decide to swap out my basic weekend clean up for a major spring cleaning like session. I turned up my music and put on my rubber gloves. My apt now shines, all four rooms of it.

the afternoon
Okay now what. Hmm.  I went to the gym and for the purpose of killing time I did a couple more machines than I usually do.  Took down the bread machine and made an awesome banana chocolate chip loaf that negated anything I did at the gym.  While I waited for the bread I gave myself a much needed mani/pedi. Huh. Okay now what.

the evening
I tried I really did!  I rounded out the day by cooking dinner but once I sat down to eat I folded.  Netflix has a strong hold my friends.

A couple comments.  I probably needed to prepare a bit more than I had.  If I had gone to a museum or made dinner plans  I think it could have made it the whole day.  Especially for a single girl living alone, there are a lot of hours to fill.  But that brings me to my next and main point, did I really need to make it the whole day?  I folded around 7 but it was a really productive day.  I didn’t care about my Facebook or Instagram feed because they were off the table.  Netflix never asked if I was still there.  I really enjoyed my time and filling it with all the out of the norm chores and activities I could come up with.

I get why people try it and and get hooked, it was liberating.  It might not be an every weekend rule but I’m going to try and work it in.  Now that I have my new phone I’m going to have to watch my Dots obsession.


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