The weather outside is frightful…


Well, after a unusual warm snap at the end of year (70 degrees in December is slightly terrifying), we’re back to proper winter weather here in NYC.  Bring on that negative windchill, Brooklyn.

In an attempt not to hibernate Grandma style with a cup of tea and a good book EVERY night, I’m pulling out my list of favorite things to do in the NYC cold.

Live from the New York Public Library: The NYPL puts on great, low cost ($25-$40) talks with acclaimed authors throughout the year, and they’re particularly great in the winter when you need a dose of culture.  The events are all held out of the midtown branch, so it’s a nice central meeting spot to drag your nerd-tastic crew to after work.

Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival:  An annual festival showcasing new theater from around the world.  The Public curates these shows really nicely, with only the occasional miss.  And they’re cheap tickets – at $25 bucks a pop, I usually end up making this a last minute night out with my ladies.

Whiskey Bars:   I’m not a big whiskey drinker, but sometimes in the dead of winter, it’s fun to hit up one of NYC’s best whiskey bars for a little spirit.  My favorite is the Flatiron Room, for a classic, old school (and not overly trendy) experience, but it’s hard to go wrong with any on this list.

L.A. Burdicks:  One of my all time favorite cafes from my time in Boston finally made its way to NYC.  This cozy little chocolate shop has the most delicious hot chocolate and mochas you will ever have. Not exaggerating, I promise. Grab a few of the adorable little chocolate mice with ribbon tails as a sweet token for your colleagues, or for chomping yourself…!

Ice Skating:  Prospect Park just opened the LeFrak center last year, complete with two skating rinks less than a mile away from my home in Brooklyn.  Cha-ching. If you haven’t skated in awhile, get back on the ice – you’ll be immediately transported back to childhood, and its not a bad inner thigh work out, to boot.

Outside Runs:  Call my crazy, but running outside in the dead of winter is one of my favorite things to do.  I HATE the cold, but if you bundle up (I have so much cold running gear), you’re usually warmed up in the first 5 minutes.  Having the cold air pump through my system really gets me energized and feels absurdly healthy.

Polar Bear Swims:  Hah! Just kidding.  I have deep admiration and skepticism for folks who do these polar bear swims, but I won’t be trying this out anytime soon.

What are your favorite things to do in NYC’s brutal winters?  How do you make the most of the cold?


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