Riding on the resolution wave I’m writing about my current fitness obsession, Classpass.  I first got into Classpass after I moved to Hell’s Kitchen and there was no gym within a 5 block radius. Danielle has been raving about it for the past year so I decided to give it try and sign up. Six months later and the love is still going strong.

Classpass is a monthly membership to fitness classes and gyms around the country. The deal is you get unlimited* access to classes and studios affiliated with Classpass.  Some of the more well known studios are Pure Barre, Billys Bootcamp, Flywheel and Exhale.  Even though there is not a limit on classes, there is a limitation of three visits per studio in a month or pay cycle.

the pros
The variety is crazy amazing. You’re never going to get bored and you get to choose whatever class fits your mood that day. I get to take my cycling class at Flywheel in Tribeca, my barre class at Exhale in Soho and my bikram two blocks from my apt. I’ve taken a class where I jump on trampolines the whole time (make sure to use the ladies room before this one), a dance class, and a boot camp. They also have “gym time” at certain gyms, which is where you get to use the machines or free weights for an hour or so.

One of my favorite parts is taking classes with other Classpassers. Since Danielle has it we can meet somewhere in the middle of HK and BK and take a class together.  Its our healthy version of happy hour.  Danielle was even able to drag me to a class when we went to San Francisco last month.

Also the app for the iPhone is very convenient.  It has all my favorite studios stored and makes it a little too easy to reserve a spot in a class.

danielle yoga

the cons
The 3 visit limit on studios makes me crazy. My favorite class is the 5:30 Flywheel class in Tribeca.  I love Flywheel.  Free water, shoes and towels.  The bikes are stadium seating style, the music is awesome and the instructor is the most upbeat non annoying instructor I’ve ever had. I get a little Kimmy Schmidt about missing this class. But one Monday a month I have to choose another class. Not a deal breaker just super annoying.

The real con of Classpass is the price.  They recently raised it from $99 to $125 for NYC and with sales tax the total is $130.63 a month.  It’s a lot.  I rationalize that if I take 3 classes a week its about $10 per class.  Not too bad, just don’t have a lazy week.  Motivation, right?  Also gyms around me are around 85-95 a month so it is competitive.  Like I said, rationalizations.


All in all I believe its worth it. The different classes make me look forward to working out and I need that, especially in the winter.  Maybe I’ll try and be brave and take that Krav Maga class this week. Anyone want to be my new Classpass friend?


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