the 11th hour

Um how is Christmas on Friday?! I’ve always had a talent for procrastinating but this year it really snuck up on me.  I have two nights to get my cards out and buy my gifts.  The plan- avoid the touristy holiday fairs and crazy midtown stores and focus on some of my favorites.

First up, I’ll head to Union Square for the ringers. I’ll start at Fresh on 18th St and Broadway.  I know my biggest problem will be wanting to pull a selfish santa.  I love EVERYTHING in this store. Focus.  Their famous Sugar Lip treatments are always a hit and they’re the perfect stocking stuffer.  They have these beautiful bar soaps (my fav is the cucumber baie) and face masks and perfumes that anyone will love and you can either go cheap or splurge.

One block up and across the street is Fish’s Eddy. This is a house ware shop that you can find a gift for almost everyone.  Its usually cluttered and a little messy but this is the best place to find those cute little salt and pepper shakers that no one will have and your sister will adore.  The best part about this place is they have quality pieces at really good prices.  I love getting people things for the kitchen but not when it costs half of my monthly rent, and that is why I come here.

Down in Tribeca, Seasonal Whispers on Murray and W Broadway is a little boutique selling handmade jewelry. It can get a little pricey but their stuff is pretty, delicate and they have a big enough variety that I’ll be walking out with something.  My favorites are the bracelets, and once you know about them you end up seeing them on everyone.

Staying on W Broadway headed towards Duane is Balloon Saloon. This store is known for their amazing balloons, but that is not why I’m going. This place has the quirkiest whozits and whatzits. I’ll be able to find that thing I didn’t know I needed to get.

Now if those stores don’t work I will go to my tried and true back up plan.  Ticketmaster.  I can gripe for a full ten uninterrupted minutes about how corrupt this site is and after my recent Adele angst I’m not sure I’m ready to go back. However, one of my life mantras is experiences over possessions and Ticketmaster does have access to it all.  My trick is to search by venue, not artist.  That way you find smaller shows.  If you’re flexible it also has decent 2 for 1 deals.  That way maybe I can work some selfish santa in there after all 🙂


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