Daily mail drama

I’m not sure about you but my personal inbox is a mess.  Between online shopping and random subscriptions, I spend more time deleting unwanted emails than reading good ones. Last Monday morning I had so many from the weekend that I had to bite the bullet and spend the time unsubscribing.  Trust me, do it.  My savings account will benefit (I get it Express, you always have an amazing sale) and it will make the time to open the emails I actually want to.  Now that I have quality over quantity I want to share some of my favorites.  Below is my must subscribe  email list.


This website has everything and anything that locals need to know.  Subway updates, events around town and anything news worthy affecting NYC.  Their sarcastic reporting and sometimes blatant hatred of certain topics makes it feel like it’s actually New Yorkers writing for New Yorkers.  Look out for my favorite column Ask a Native New Yorker.



Goldstar goldstar

I’m a creature of habit.  I feel like the biggest downside of that is that I never fully take advantage of living in the city.  Same bar, same restaurant in the same neighborhood.  Goldstar helps by offering the best deals on show tickets.  It features mostly plays but will also have sporting events or parties.

New Yorkled 


A New York exclusive.  This website will send you a weekly email informing you of any outdoor street fairs, concert, sometimes even fireworks.  In the spring and summer this email is one of my favorites.  There is nothing I love more on a summer weekend is walking through a street fair.  Except for maybe brunch, which brings me to . . .





The real reason I keep this subscription is Friday’s “The Brunch Bunch”.  Brunch is practically a religion with New Yorkers and this list contains a bevy of beautiful brunch deals.  It tells you the price neighborhood and the most important detail which is whether its unlimited or not 🙂  Happy brunching

Urban Daddy urbandaddy

Every now and then this website pops an email into your inbox informing you of a new bar or restaurant that you must go to.  I usually stock pile them until I need inspiration on a night out destination.

the skint 

The skint means being broke in British slang.  This daily email lets you know all the free or cheap events going on around town either same day or a couple days in advance.  Very helpful for me since most of the time I spend way too much money on fun and need all the cheap I can get.

PS- If you were wondering where “bite the bullet” comes from according to wikipedia . . .

It is often stated that it is derived historically from the practice of having a patient clench a bullet in his or her teeth as a way to cope with the extreme pain of a surgical procedure without anesthetic, though evidence for biting a bullet rather than a leather strap during surgery is sparse.[1] It has been speculated to have evolved from the British empire expression “to bite the cartridge“, which dates to the Indian Rebellion of 1857, but the phrase “chew a bullet”, with a similar meaning, dates to at least 1796













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