2016 Bucket List


Once the holidays end, there’s always a bit of a let down that follows.  A little bit of “well, now what…?”.  In NYC, the answer is usually four more months of winter and a spike in mood lamp sales.

So this year, amidst the holiday storm, I’m planning ahead so that come January 2nd, I’m excited to take 2016 by the horns – snow boots and all.

I’m creating a bucket list for 2016 (an awesome idea I stole from T) that lists the 24 new or ambitious things that I want to do in New York throughout the year.  I’m thinking that 2 a month will keep me on my toes, while actually being achievable in the madness that is every day life.

My hope is that it’ll give me structure and motivation to aggressively pursue the personal — not just the professional.  And, perhaps most importantly, allow me some sort of undetermined grand prize next December when I’ve slayed this list.

Here she is:

  1. MOMA PS1
  2. US Open
  3. Met Opera
  4. 9/11 Memorial
  5. Momufuku
  6. Mission Chinese
  7. Rockclimbing
  8. Bike all five boroughs
  9. Walk across the Manhattan bridge (with earplugs)
  10. Take a Soulcycle class (What IS all the hype about?!)
  11. Run a 10K
  12. Stay in crow pose for more than 2 seconds
  13. Take an Indian cooking class
  14. Read 24 fiction books
  15. Write twice a week
  16. Make homemade Gnocci
  17. Make Tamales
  18. Make Tagine
  19. Make Beignets
  20. Build a Gingerbread house
  21. Grow tomatoes (take that Brooklyn!)
  22. Learn to sew (don’t judge me for not knowing…)
  23. Learn to crochet
  24. Buy a lifetime supply of cloth napkins and ban paper towels

There you have it.  Who’s coming with me?  What’s on your bucket list?


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