Prose and Hos(e) – not your mamas book club


I’m a reader.  Always have been.  Ever since Little House on the Prairie I’ve been hooked.  This was the preface to the conversation I had with Danielle about this time last year.  Always looking for recommendations and recognizing her good taste, I asked what she was currently reading.  In a tapas restaurant over some good wine and even better cheese is where Prose and Hos(e) was born.

We both agreed the idea of a book club is great.  Friends coming together to compare opinions and ideas about one common book.  The problem with most book clubs is the execution.  It is usually either too casual, talking about the book for only five minutes in the beginning, or people take it way too seriously, please do not ask me to answer questions from an outline.

Convinced we could solve these problems with good people and good books we set out our plan.  We wanted to choose people we know that love to read.  Of course we wanted to involve all of our favorites but this was for book lovers only.  We decided to switch up the locations between Manhattan and Brooklyn for accessibility and our only other priority was to make sure the takeout was good.  Throw in the occasional theme, a bottle of wine and the monthly debate of Mr. Darcy versus Jamie Fraser and you have Prose and Hos(e).  Still going strong one year later.

Our book this month is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  So read along and I will make sure to update with all of our thoughts and opinions.  I just finished it and I won’t give anything away but to say that if you ever join Prose and Hos(e) this will be the month you want to do it.


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