Taryn- Brooklyn Nets Game

My first bucket list elimination was a Nets game at the Barclay’s center.  I had gotten Ben and Danielle the four tickets as a Christmas gift and although I was trying not to be too obvious about it, my dad and I were rewarded with an invite to the game.

We decided to meet up for drinks and a snack at the Brooklyn restaurant Alchemy, 56th 5th Ave.  The location was a perfect three minute walk to the Barclay’s center.  This place is relaxed and charming with a good bar and a better menu.  If you come here you need to get the mac and cheese.  No seriously its worth every carb.

After we finished our wine we ran over to the game.  To be honest I don’t know anything about Basketball.  I don’t know the players or the rules.  The only thing that I do know is how to do a sports game right.  First priority was getting some swag.  Danielle found a foam finger which ended up hitting me in the head on more than one occasion.  I went on a mission for Nets garb to declare myself as an official Brooklyn fan.  If you are not a basketball enthusiast let me inform you that the Nets colors are black and white.  Black and white!  They had the most drab collection of over priced t-shirts and hats I’ve ever seen.  I finally found the only blue hat in entire shop and we were finally able to go to our seats and settle in.  I was hoping that the Boston/NY rivalry would get me into the game but the between the beer, hot dogs and assaults from the foam finger I was pretty well distracted.  Please don’t ask me the score or even who won I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  There was however a player on the court with some crazy hair and I have no clue how the “Brooklynettes” dance in those heels.


All in all it was a really fun night and the perfect way to start off my bucket list.  Note to self, do not give Danielle access to anything that can be used as a weapon

1 Completed
99 Remaining
358 Days

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